Mri lumbar

Patient: Ok heres the deal got hurt at work almost a yr ago went to WC doc no test done until 6 months later …MRI report from WC doc says….LUMBAR spine-Minimal left paramedian disk protrusion at L4-L5 with minimal foraminal narrowing and degenerative disk …doc says your fine while i have symptoms of leg pain no treatment done…got award to go to another doc through WC he reviewed report and added to the report desiccation of L4-L5 with preservation of disk space height and says its bulged….the first report says protrusion which means NHP right second says bulged..which one is right?? had epi injection due to back,leg and foot symptoms i can walk but cant do the stuff i use to like.crawl into crawl spaces lift heavy thins ect..i work heavy labor and want to know how this injury if going to effect my job now thanks