MRI results can someone please explain?

Patient: Please help me by explaining mri results and what i can expect MRI SPINE LUMBARthe vertebral alignment is normalthere is slight hypoplasia of posterior potion of L5 vertebral body otherwise normal height of vertebral bodiesthere is disc space narrowing at L5/S1 with T2 signal loss of the T11/T12 L2/L3 L3/L4 L4/L5 and L5/S1 discs consistent with degenerative dehydrationAssociated mild degenerative changes are seen with spondylosis, minor modic l1 endplate changes with minor endplate irregularities at l4/l5 and l5/s1 and mild lower lumbar facet joint degeneration. A Schmorl node is noted within the interior endplate of t11 bodyAt T11/T12 a small focal left centre disc protrusion is mildly indenting the dural sac without evidence of neurological compromiseAt L2/L3 a small central disc protrusion with a tiny annular tear is mildly indenting the dural sac without evidence of nerve root involvementAt L3/L4 a small central disc bulge is minimally indenting the dural sac without evidence of nerve root involvementAt L4/L5 a large central disc protrusion is impinging upon the dural sac touching and probably irritating both traversing L5 nerve roots.Minor pseudo retrolisthesis of L4 is noted due to minor hypoplasia of posterior portion of L5 vertebral bodyat l5/s1 there is minimal disc bulging not involving the nerve rootsMRI SPINE CERVICALThere is straightening of the normal cervical lordosis with minor diffuse kyphotic angulationunremarkable craniocervical junctionfrom c3to c7 there is mild degenerative changes with very small marginal vertebral irregularities without evidence of nerve root compromiseAt C3/C4 there is minimal anterolisthesis of c3 upon c4 with minor left dominant foraminal narrowing without evidence of nerve root compromiseat the remaining cervical levels there is no evidence of disc prolapse spinal canal or foraminal stenosis or neurological compromiseat T3/T4 a small right central disc protrusion is probably mildly indenting the right ventral surface of the spinal cordnormal signal in cervical cord thank you in advance

Symptoms: Burning pain numbness tingling incontinence

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. There is degenerative chang es ( ageing changes) through out the spinal cord . There is disc prolapse at L 4-L 5. Probably this is cause of your symptoms. There is minor backwards shifting of L4 over L5 (retrolisthesis). Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.