Patient: HIMy question is related to chondropatia. I got a knee injury in Jan 2010 – a car hit my leg – MRI showed broken fibila, front cross ligament rupture and some others smaller injuries. Ive got a laparoscopic ligament reconstruction by the method of “stryker endoscopy” in May 2010. And even today, after 2 years non stop rehabilitation with specialist my knee is not ok. The last MRI shows that all ligaments and meniscus are ok but something that i didn’t have before – chondropatia II stage. Why it is so. Is it possible to be because the fixing nail which was removed 1 year after the reconstuction was longer with 7 mm then my bone?I still have pain and it get swollen even if i dont walk too much, i am limping after 10 mins wallking.Thanks in advance!Regards: AD