Mucus in cough only when i wake up in morning

Patient: I have had a really bad cough since last week on thursday. Its been over 1 week now that I have had this cough. What is the best way to remedy this? Every morning I wake up I have lots of mucus come out of my throat? It gets better during the day but then im coughing again all night

Symptoms: Cough, mucus in throat

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are suffering an upper respiratory tract infection along with post nasal drip. This would account for your excessive coughing as well as accumulation of mucus in your throat, especially upon waking up.This could be caused by bacterial or viral pathogens. In such a case the best remedy would be to have your doctor examine your lungs, throat and sinuses, and take a swabbing sample of your throat to assist in determining the causative agent of your infection. You will likely be provided antibiotic medication along with an antitussive syrup (cough syrup) to clear the infection and alleviate your symptoms. We hope you recover soon.Thank you for consulting