Multiple Colourless Lumps Under Skin On Legs

Patient: Hi my name is Rachel and I just got home from seeing a Dermatologist that I waited 6 months to see. When i got there she said she didnt know whatis was and referred me to a plastic surgeon to have a biopsy done. I am a 21yo female who has for the last 2 years been growing colorless bumps all over my calves and shins. I lost about 30 lbs before I noticed thesebumps.I first noticed one on my neck, my doctor dismissed it as nothing, I then returned to him with a second bump on my neck, again dismissed. I then began growing them on my legs and now have between 15-20 dime-sized to golf-ball sized bumps all over my calves and shins. They are squishy to the touch and do not move with the skin. Through my own personalresearch I came to the conclusion that it may be a Lipoma. Any help is appreciated, as I have waited 6 months to get yet another “I Dont Know”. I am very concerned with them as they seem to be multiplying quite rapidly. I have grown 2 brand new ones in i’d say 2-3 months, and these are the largest of all. Please and thank you for all your help!