Multiple miscarriages, why is this happening?

Patient: Hi, im 21 years old and had 3 miscarriages in the past year and a half. My first pregnancy ended in my 20 weeks, and my second ended in my fourth month. I went to a specialist in my third pregnancy and everything was going fine until i reached my 20 weeks and had a miscarriage. All the doctors told me that they don’t see the problem, and that all my test results look good. So what might the problem be?

Doctor: I am sorry to know about your repeated pregnancy loss.You have lost all your pregnancies in the 2nd trimester.Were t hese relatively painless abortions and is there any history of watery discharge before the process of abortion started ?If so you may be suffering from a condition called cervical incompetence. Here the cervix ( mouth of the uterus) is lax and cannot support the pregnancy in the 2nd trimester around 16- 20 weeks. In this scenario a stitch is given around the Cervix to support it and allow the pregnancy to continue as far as 34 to 36 weeks or sometimes even upto onset of labour at term when the stitch is then removed prior to delivery.