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Multiple Orthopedic surgeries

Patient: I am a 60 year old female. I fell down a flight of stairs and injured my right shoulder; right hip and both knees. In October (2009) I had surgery to repair a fracture and torn rotator cuff. I was also told that the surgery to my hip couldn’t be done until my shoulder healed. After recent MRI’s, my doctor has informed me that I’ll also need arthroscopic surgery to repair damage to both knees (a floating mass and a torn miniscus)and at best these 3 procedures can be scheduled 2 weeks apart. I’d like to know if it’s surgically possible to perform atleast 2 of these procedures at the same time, even if it means a short hsopital stay? Please help.




Doctor: It does not seem feasible to do more than one procedure at each sitting. Each procedure may take a long time and your ri sk of complications increases greatly the longer you spend on the operating table. I suggest following your surgeon?s advice and doing each procedure on a separate occasion.


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