Multiple sympstoms

Patient: Hi, im a 23 year old female. i waight 135 lbs. i was once told by my doctor that i have alergies to dust and polen. i also found out that i have hyper thyroism and asthma, as well as alopecia. i also get anciety atacks when under alot of stress and im am not taking any medications.but i have noticed that many times i get very light headed when i stand up.i often get dizzy and antious and this also happens after i eat. i have headaches all the time but worser at times.i feel pinches on my chest and heart at times as well, and my breasts are always sore and joints have been feeling sore as well and unconfortable and pop alot. when i do certain moves or laft alot i feel a little popping and unconfortable feeling in my left side of my stomach.i am wondering if this has to do with what i already have or can it be something else?