Multiple symptoms, what could be the problem??

Patient: Dear sir I have been suffering with the following symptoms since two years.It is not diagonised yet. 1.Excess nervous weakness of entire body and sweating (cant even walk) 2.Hypersomnia 3.Abnormal sounds with moovent of my neck 4.Red eyes and a slight increase in temperature with black scars underneath my sunken week eyes. 5.Excessive dandruf with some rashy scalp in initial satages. 6. once i had a slight painfull rash on my lower lip(four years back) 7. i get sweat some times with food. I have observed in recent times that people who talk to me for some time also complain about the same symptoms. please help me sir to diagnose my decease.I cant lead a social life

Doctor: Your description suggests multiple symptoms, that seems to be associated with lack of nutrition and exercise of the body . You should include vegetables, cereals, whole grains, meat, fish and dairy products in your regular diet along with increase in fluid intake to maintain hydration as well as flush out the toxins from the body. Yoga and aerobics including walking, jogging, swimming, bike riding are some of the options for maintaining body fitness. You may join the gym for complete workouts. A healthy lifestyle and good hygiene are key to a healthy body and mind.