Multiple things, help plz

Patient: Hello, i have been noticing some interesting happenings over the past few months,this may not be organized or neat but here goes.within the past few months i have noticed some bumps popping up, for instance i think the lymph node below my right ear is swollen or a bump i have no clue, it has caused me headaches and hurt before, and couple a more recent developments, i found a bumpon my right lower stomach that isnt painful or anything when i touch it but it has cause me a weird feeling in my stomach and i can move it a little kinda like a kneecap, the 2nd is i found a bump above my left ear about half an inch back and it only hurts real bad to the touch when i dont mess with it its like it isnt there.also if this has any correlation i have been having some psychological or nuerological issues with my processing of information and reaction and action timing which i think is from my head injury almost a yr back… when i was at the er they diagnosed me with pain relievers did a mri etc and left it at that, i think they messed up and ive had head trauma since.. i have alot of issues with body language and emotional facial expressions.. and one more thing i had some weird twinge like headaches a few weeks back, wasnt nothing like any headaches ive had before it was like random bursts of electricity shooting in straight short lines on my head idk was just wondering what a professional thinks of this.this isnt really apart of this but wouldnt hurt to throw this in, i also have had acne since i was about 14 and it is all over my back in tiny scars that seem not to go away over the yrs, the only ones that seem to do are on my face and stomach areas,thanks for responding 🙂

Symptoms: painful bump, bump that causes stomach to churn by messing with it, random painful bump behind ear.


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Patient: well it isnt the lymph node it is literally right behind my right ear