Muscle, joint pain and back problems

Patient: This is every one of my symptoms any ideas what it could be? I just had bloodwork and it showed nothing.Back Problems-bulging discsshoulder pain can’t move it all the wayI get this weird feeling in differant parts of my body and it makes me move that partLegs swell if im on them a litte whileHands and legs hurt when I go to move them if I’v had them bent for a little bitget dizzy almost everytime I bend over and get upEntire body hurts when I get up in the morning or if I sat for a little bitdont sleep good at night, really tired in middle of the daycan’t remember things I should know at times: like names, where I work, spelling simple thingIf I get up to go do something I can’t remember what I was going to domy hands get really cold all the time and my fingers feel numb even when its not very coldMy hands itch alot and when I scratch them it doesnt feel like I amSometimes my words come out studery