Muscle Pain

Patient: Sorry for the errors in this note can not get rid of the box on top ot this message and I keep getting interupted and loosing my placeHave had several attacks of loss of streangth and severe pain in arms and legs, .one istance included vomiting which I went to haspital. hospital only concentrated on vomiting ignored other problem. I have always been active, hiking back packing, swimming, bikeing etc. Have a have had knee and back pain for years but this is different. Comes on pretty . comes last about 12 – 24 hrs, then returns to notmal pain. I usually have to ask myI usually have to ask my wife for help getting up and some assistance walking.I am a month short of 68 yrs old.Originally though is was reaction to Gemfibrozil cholesterol meds.I am a vietnam vet and get meds from the VA hospital. They are not very helpful with finding out what the problem is , just want to give more meds to treat the symptoms. I would like to find out asap what is going on, before it gets worse and possible un treatableThank you in advance and hope you can at least point me in the right direction.