Muscle pains due to Vitamin D defficiency

Patient: I am 30 and having on & off muscle pain along with little bit joint pain from last 4 days. Year back i was Vitamin D deficient but i took vitamin d supplement for 2 months . Also at that time i didn’t feet like that. Is anything serious ? or i am again vitamin D deficient ? please help !

Symptoms: muscle pain, joint pain in knees , nail of fifth toe pulled off but not painful

Doctor: Muscle pains are seen in many condition which may be normal like fatigue or abnormal like nutritional deficiencies, musc ular disorders, viral infections, few fevers, etc. Since you were complaining for 4 years it could not be due to normal conditions. Vitamin D deficiency can be one of the causes, but recovers with medication, which is not in your case. You must be further evaluated in detailed to arrive at the cause and diagnosis of the pain. Most of the conditions are trivial and can be effectively treated. Rarely it can be serious. But consult a physician at the earliest for diagnosis followed by treatment at the earliest, as the pain hamper your routine life and work.