Muscle Spasms and Finger Twitching

Patient: Hello,In the past few months I have had muscle spams “all over my body” and finger twitching occurring on seemingly random occasions. At times there is even cold wet feeling that appears on my arms. Noticeably they are involuntary reactions. I have had Throat CT Scans, Brain MRI, a Coronary Angiograph, and a number of Blood Tests done to discern separate issues, but nothing seemed to explain the problems regarding the ones I mentioned to currently have. All of the professionals I had visited months ago didn’t to have anything for me either. One even said I seemed quite healthy. The spasms and the finger twitching seem subside when I sleep and wake up after a good nights rest. However, after I eat they seem to present themselves. Could my body be allergic to something (since I am allergic to alot) or have a vitamin deficiency? I have taken Vitamins but they frequently get a negative reaction from my body that entails light-headiness.Also to note the spasms are sometimes accompanied by a strained feeling around my upper left arm and shoulder. They come and go just like the other symptoms as well. But have become much more frequent. I check my Blood Pressure regularly but nothing seems to ever be out of the ordinary.I am a heavy guy who sits on the computer regularly but I don’t eat all that much in reality. What do you think could possibly be the issue?I am 295lbs, 5’10, and twenty-one years old. I get mild to low exercise or physical activity in general.

Symptoms: Muscle Spasms, Finger Twitching, Minor Itching,