Muscle Spasms/Back Pain

Patient: Im 20 years old and I’m not into physical activity. I have been having muscle spasms in my back (twice so far) and the aftermath is super painful. What can I do to treat this, and should I be checked by a doctor or chiropractor so see if its anything worse?

Symptoms: Symptoms: Hurts to breathe, Muscle Spasm, Pain, Discomfort, Family History, Tenderness, Stiffness

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your sedentary lifestyle may be directly related to your back muscle spasms. It is importan t that you have these spasms evaluated by your doctor to be certain that these spasms are not being caused by a problem with the innervation of these muscles. You may need to undergo physiotherapy and practice gentle stretching techniques which can assist in treating your current symptoms and preventing them from recurring in the future. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting