Muscle tightness in left side and rib cage after stroke

Patient: On 11/17 i had a stroke on my left side It effected my left arm and leg though I can use both ok one week after the stroke i developed stiffiness and tightness in my left side from arm pit to waist feels verry tight when i breathe no pain but a lot of discomfort is there any thing todo to relax it

Symptoms: Side verry tight in rib cage and lower waist

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The stiffness and pain you are experiencing on the left side of your body is a complication due to your stroke. You damaged sustained to your brain from the stroke would have lead to the decreased motor and sensory function you are experiencing. This can cause the muscles to experience spasm, pain, and neuropathic pain. It is possible that this pain can resolve over time, however it may take several months. There are prescription muscle relaxants which can assist alleviating your symptoms. We recommend that you have your doctor examine the area affecting you and determine if you will benefit from this type of medication. Please follow up with your doctor.Thank you for consulting