MUSTBRATION is Best or Bad

Patient: My name is Hamza And My Question is Handpractice (Mustbration ) is Best OR BAD .. My Age Is 18 .

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Note your age of 18 and a very relevant and important question as to whether the Masturb ation if the Best or Bad.Since you are an adult, it is you who decide this.There are many people of your age who do not do masturbation as a self-control. Many of the people start this as this gives you the pleasure, again a thing that is a personal choice.Masturbation done 3 to 4 times in a week is taken as a normal practice as per the medical science as it gives the similar pleasure as having sex without a partner.It also relaxes your body and mind and reduces the want of having female with you.If you do this in a healthy way, engaging in this act only for the time being and then not thinking about it, this is best.If you are breaking this rule and getting involved in it continuously it is bad.Now it is up to you how to take this.I hope this answers your query to your satisfaction.