My 10 year old son is nasal drainage, a barking cough 

Patient: My 10 year old son is nasal drainage, a barking cough (like a seal), sore throat and complying of a headache. The dr can’t see him for two days.He has a Hx of asthma and chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory problems.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.He seems to be having a combination of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), with an associated bronchitis.He needs to be put on antibiotic therapy. A good choice antibiotic would be Syrup. Cefixime 1 teaspoon twice daily for 5-7 days or Cap. Augmentin 325 mg twice daily for 5-7 days.Additionally, he needs Syrup. Ascoril 1 teaspoon twice daily till the cough subsides. Since the cough is severe a combination of Montelukast + Levocetirizine will further help in draining the secretions, reducing the cough. One tablet can be taken at bedtime for 3 days.Hope this was helpful,Regards