My 11 month old bumped his forehead on a table

Patient: My 11 month old bumped his forehead on a table today around 2:45pm. He has a little cut and a bumped. He cried for a minute or two. I applied pressure and ice right away. After the fall he seemed like himself style about to talk (in his langage), walk, eat and play. He went to bec at 7:00 and since woke up twice (falls right back asleep once the soother is in). I also woke him up about 30 minutes ago and seems as alert as he can be once woken up. Should I go or should I have brought him to see a doctor?

My 11 month old bumped his ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Well, when it comes to a child as small as 11 months old with the history as you have pro vided about the bumping the forehead on the table, playful and apparently normal, sleeping, and all the history, it looks to be not-to-worry situation.Yet a Doctor is better trained to examine the child and give you the real solace as to that everything is normal.Better to be seen by the Doctor as a clinical evaluation is done.