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My 11 year old son has asthma About a month

Patient: My 11 year old son has asthma. About a month ago he had a virus and had a pretty severe asthma attack. Ever since then, he has had a throat kind of cough and he coughs every 30 seconds to a minute all day except at night when he is sleeping. The doctor did steroids, a chest X-ray, they tested him for allergies, and they scoped him and basically said that his throat/ larynx etc.. are inflamed from coughing so much and are sending him to a speech therapist to help him to stop his cough so the inflammation will go down. Is this normal and what would you recommend?



Doctor: Hello,Post viral cough usually takes longer time to subside and voice rest and cough Syrup be continued. Usually in children with Asthma also would persist as cough variant and would respond with Inhaler. If no persisting fever and other symptoms but just the dry cough, should try Inhaler Levolin and other Asthma treatment as usual prescription. However evaluate by clinician once if no further improvement.Regards



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Patient: We have tried all of the above with little or no results. He literally coughs every 30 seconds to a minute all day. They still feel this is because of the swelling and inflammation. Calling it irritable larynx syndrome. It’s just crazy that he’s been coughing this much for a month. He’s acting normal otherwise. I just wanted to know if we’re headed down the right path by working to treat this syndrome.?

Doctor: Hi,
Persistent cough inspite of work up all points to some further testing of Vocal Cold issues and inflammation be gone with voice rest and suppressant cough Syrup be added. And reassess after few days for inflammation by both ENT and Pulmanologist.


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