My 12 yr old daughter has a cough that started

Patient: My 12 yr old daughter has a cough that started 5 weeks ago. It was a deep mucousy cough. After one week she started to get getting better, but after the second week she relapsed and it came back as stong as the first week. We now are on week three. She has been drinking lots of fluids and took this entire last week to rest, but the cough is still strong and extremely mucousy. She will call periodically throughout the day, but very heavily just before bed and even heavier when she gets up. However the cost seems very productive, her throat is becoming extremely sore from five weeks of coughing. Local doctor ruled out pneumonia but refused to do any other tests or any other treatment. Not sure what else to do, I’m worried about her causing more damage with this being the fifth week of a persistent cough.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood the history you have provided about your dau ghter’s problems.She is suffering from a cough for 5 weeks now with the details you have mentioned week on week. She has associated phlegm, sore throat and had to take the bed rest.My thoughts:Any cough of more than a weeks needs to be thoroughly investigated.She needs the following:- Clinical evaluation and actual examination by a Pediatrician or a Pulmonologist.- Investigations of the blood, sputum (mucus), X-ray of the chest, PFT (Pulmonary Function Tests).- Proper treatment as per the findings alone can help her to get recovery and cure.I hope this answer helps your daughter to get an early diagnosis and proper treatment.