My 15 month old son is cutting a molar. He has cough.

Patient: My 15 month old son is cutting a molar. He has had a fever for 2 days. I just checked it, it was 103. He has vomited twice today. Will not eat anything. He has a constant cough. He has not had a wet diaper since 5 p.m. its currently 11 p.m..he does not want to drink anything, and has shaken once from being cold but felt hot to touch.

Doctor: Sorry to hear about the little one problem.However, you need not worry. Teething as such is not directly related to the fever. Teething causes itching in the gums and toddlers tend to chew or eat unhygienic items leading to upset stomach, pharyngitis & fever.My suggestion is to give your child some antipyretics, plenty of fluids, easily digestible soft bland diet, do cold sponging and try to maintain good oral hygiene. Can also apply glycerin/ oral ulcer gel over the eruption wound.Observe the condition if doesn’t improve or worsens please consult a Paediatrician.Hope this helps.