My 16 year old son was recently diagnosed with a

Patient: My 16 year old son was recently diagnosed with a autoimmune deficiency, he constantly itches, he breaks out in rashes and has large open sores all over the areas he has to have covered, his feet and his legs ( he will not wear shorts) . The doctor said basically it’s all caused by his body attacking him when he sweats. My question. Is, Besides the obvious, showering regularly, good deodorant, powders etc, what can we do to help relieve some of the itching. He does it constantly and can’t even sleep regularly because of it. Thank you in advance.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.That is not the actual mechanism of an autoimmune disease and I believe the Doctor mean t that an activation of the nerves in the area or of some cells were causing the problem. An autoimmune disorder needs to be controlled with medication. Anti-perspirants will do little to help. For more info, please provide us with the exact diagnosis and we will help you. Wishing you the best of health.Hope this helps you.