My 21 yr old daughter had jaw surgery about a

Patient: My 21 yr old daughter had jaw surgery about a year ago leaving an area about two inches square numb on the left side below her lip. She just started experiencing the left side of her nose twitching involuntarily. Could this be related?

Symptoms: Nose twitching on side of face where numbness occurs

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.Many people at some point experience spasm-like movements of parti cular muscles. These movements, known as tics and twitches, often affect the face. They can, though, occur anywhere in the body.In most instances, tics and twitches are harmless and temporary. In some cases, though, they may be caused by a tic disorder. Tic disorders generally can be managed with treatment and lifestyle changes.Another reason can be damaged nerve ending which might have occurred during surgery and it might be giving such a sensation.Hope this helps. Take care.