My 6 month old baby keeps getting a feverI just

Patient: My 6 month old baby keeps getting a fever.I just checked it and it read 101.2 he also is breathing rapidly and has paused a few times but only for a second or two.I was told that it may be due to teething but he already has his two bottom teeth but i am unsure of what could be wrong. His D.O.B is 11/04 /2014 and weight is 21.8lbs.Please help i dont want to go to the er unless i really need to.

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.There is no pint in waiting for the fever to come down. You should see a doctor now , as very high fever at such age are most commonly due to viral.You can do cold sponging of your child and give Paracetamol Suspension to bring the fever down. But since he is just 6 months old, a doctor’s evaluation is must to rule out any infection and requirement of antibiotics.If he is breathing fast, if his respiratory rate is high then he would require to see a doctor and evaluation for Pneumonia.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy