My 6 year old is complaining of her neck (front

Patient: My 6 year old is complaining of her neck (front side) hurting and her ear hurting. Is this caused by an ear infection

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It would have been a little better if you had confirmed if your 6 year old has an ear in fection. Yes, pain in the front of the neck and the ear can be caused by an ear infection. But here are more causes of this type of pain:- Throat infection- Ear infection- Viral fever- Infection- Other rare causesI believe that your daughter most likely has a throat infection as the pain is in front of the neck. If she has pain while swallowing, this is even more likely. Throat infection will also cause cough and sputum. Please get her to see a Doctor as soon as possible.I hope this will help her. All the best.