My 6 yr old son had a rectal prolapse on

Patient: My 6 yr old son had a rectal prolapse on Wednesday. Since then he has had more fiber and miralx everyday and has not pooped. I’m not sure if this normal for what had happened but I’m really concerned and scared to send to school until he does. Should I call his doctor when they open and let them know he has not had a bowel movement in just about 5 days?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of constipation for 5 days after the rectal prolapse and in spite of gi ving more fiber and Miralax.This has to be taken seriously unless it is proved otherwise.I would advise you to take him to ER for X-ray of the abdomen to see if he has loaded colon or any other findings.Per rectal examination by a Doctor to see the status and give enema of required.I hope this answer helps you to have proper diagnosis and treatment before the boy goes to the School.