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My 68 year old father has been diagnosed with an

Patient: My 68 year old father has been diagnosed with an unknown virus. Prior to this diagnosis, he was generally healthy, with Type 2 Diabetes.He collapsed twice during the month of September, wherein we assumed it was due to diabetes mismanagement, but he collapsed again at the beginning of October, and after being put through a battery of tests (all inconclusive) he has been placed in a rehabilitation center as they continue to evaluate his progress.



Symptoms: Since his fall in early October, he is experiencing:
Loss of leg movement/inability to walk unassisted
Occasional low grade fever, sweats
Periods of sleepiness/fatigue after physical therapy/meals
Periods of weakness in both arms and legs
Periods of low heart rate (



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history about your 68 year old Father and understood the concerns.The most prob able causes to be considered with the history that you have noted are:- Electrolyte imbalance, particularly happens with diabetes.- MRI of the brain to be done to see for the age related changes as well as changes pertaining to the symptoms he has shown.- Tests of blood: CBC, renal, liver, thyroid functions; blood culture and sensitivity in view of diabetes and history of sweats and low grade fever.- Cardiac full evaluation as he has low heart rate and its relation with the symptoms complex.- Diabetes: HbA1c and other tests.I hope your discussion with the Doctor and getting these mentioned things can surely help to get the basic cause of the problems that your Father has and get an appropriate management.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Hi there… All of these tests have been done, and nothing of abnormality has been noted. Doctors are leaning more towards a virus of some kind. The MRI is clear, his heart is clear, all of his functions are clear.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Very true, if all the relevant investigations are within normal, one would think of virus infection.
Yet to be on a safer side, it would be better to ‘repeat’ the tests of Serum electrolytes and blood culture.
An opinion of a Neurologist would be of great help.
As also is the necessity to continue with physiotherapy to maintaining the muscle tone and strength.
It is helpful in some patients with similar symptoms to have spinal fluid tap for analysis.

Patient: Are there any viruses that you think would match the symptoms?

Doctor: Viral affection of nervous system is a known disease like viral encephalitis or meningitis and Guillain barre syndrome.
This will be more of a clinical diagnosis supported by lab investigations.
Neurologist’s opinion will be most helpful.

Patient: Thank you. We’ll head in that direction.

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation.
This is a third follow up.
Please ask a fresh, new query if you want to give follow up and ask for further interaction and give reference ID:


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