My ADHD medication stopped working for me

Patient: I stopped taking adderall for about 3 months because I was traveling overseas. I had been on it for a few years and it had always worked great. It helped me focus in college and at work. Then recently I started taking it again but it’s not working like it did before. Instead of helping me to focus and feel calm like it did before it now gives me anxiety and a lack of focus. I’ve tried taking smaller doses which helps with the anxiety but I’m still not able to focus. I’m not taking any other medication, or doing anything different from when I took adderall in the past. What do you think it could be? What do you think I should do?

Symptoms: Anxiety, lack of focus, foggy mind

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for writing to of all I would like to tell u that if u have responded well to one medication in the past there is no rule that you will respond in the similar fashion now with the same medication and with the same dose.Sometimes Adderall itself can induce anxiety even at smaller dose.So, need to try for alternative medications with which you can have since benefit.Sometimes ADHD and anxiety can come exist.I suggest you to meet a Psychiatrist or your family Doctor and get evaluated for ADHD and anxiety .