My ass feels like its vibrating

Patient: My ass feels like its vibrating

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.This is an odd presentation rarely said by any patient, ”the ass is vibrating”.The most probable causes can be :-Inflammation in the anus and/rectum called as Anoproctalgia.-Any mental issues related to anxiety, stress, sexual desires and so on.-Prostatitis if you are a male patient.I would advise you the following:-First of all decided and tell us what are the other associated symptoms like any change in bowel habits, urinary symptoms, nausea, bloating, any alteration in sexual wants, choices, experience and so on.-Get examined by a General Surgeon so that he can correlate between your symptoms and his findings and may ask for further tests of blood, urine, stool, ultrasonography, colonoscopy and so on.Examination by the per-rectal digital examination, proctoscopy can elucidate some causes.Once the probable diagnosis is made, you get an appropriate treatment.I hope this answers your query.