My babies skin on her face seems to be irratated

Patient: My babies skin on her face seems to be irratated. She is mixed. She has small bumps on her face and her skin is getting blotchy. Her skin on her face is becoming very discolored. Her brown skin is turning white. This is affecting her ears, cheeks and chin, her skin on her face is slightly red in some areas. We use dye and perfume free detergent on everyones clothes. What is this?!

My babies skin on her face ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, an elucidate history and near-clear picture.The appearance of the skin with small bumps a t some places, blotchy at places, whitening at others and a red hallow around the white patch looks like a fungal infection.We can clearly see the white patch at the ear, red around indicating the cause.This appears due to the following factors:- In most cases the exact cause can not be pin-pointed.- Loss of integrity of the skin due to vitamin deficiencies and so.- Reduction of the body resistance due to flu or any other medical illness.- Worms infestation.- Excessive sweating, hot / humid atmosphere.- This can be combination of some of hte factors working together.I would suggest you the following:- Get started with proper vitamin and iron supplements.- Dewormin doses.- Keep the skin clean with plain water splashes 3 to 4 times in a day and do not apply any soap or such things to the faces.- Watch for other sites in the body, there may be similar lesions.- Consult the Pediatrician and a Dermatologist for proper clinical evaluation, investigations, and prescription based treatment.- Please do not apply anything to the faces at all till seen by the Doctors as the visual impressions of hte disease is very important in a proper diagnosis so that the further treatment will be easy and effective.I hope I have tried my best to give you the clues to have the earliest and best possible diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.