My belly has been growing,  pregnancy  tests are negative, Need your advice.

Patient: Good Afternoon. I took four pregnancy test, the first one and the fourth one was negative the second and the third one was positive. I took an ultrasound two weeks ago no baby was seen in my uterus, No ovarian cysts and no fibroid. I have a problem my belly has been growing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Symptoms: Bloating, nausea without vomiting, frequent headaches, abdominal cramps, backache, frequent urination and breast tender.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the querySince your alternate pregnancy tests have been positive and also you have early pregnancy symptoms clinically, there could be an ectopic pregnancy which may have been overlooked in the scan.Kindly consider consulting the gynecologist and repeating an ultrasound to specially look for an ectopic pregnancy. Also get a beta hCG test done and repeat the same after 48 hours, a plateau or increasing trend in the values may indicate a pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards