My blood sugar drops a few hours after eating

Patient: Hey I’m concerned about my blood sugar. Lately I have been urinating a lot and stay thirsty. Also have been getting light headed and sometimes kind of daze out. For the last couple of years i have dealt with shakey hands and becoming tired quick. I have been to the doctor before for this and they pricked my finger an said nothing was wrong. So I ruled diabetes out, anyways here lately I have been feeling bad again so I bought a sugar meter. When I wake up in the mornings it’s in the 80’s about an hour after I eat its up to 140 then drops back to high 70 to lows 80’s 2 to 4 hours after I eat. Should I be concerned its really got me worried. What chould be causing this and are there any test the doctor can give me other than pricking my finger? Thanks for any help.

Symptoms: Shakey hands, tired, headache, lighted headed, sore irritated feet, thirsty, urniating, eyes are blurry but could just have bad vision don’t know

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Blood sugar fluctuations do occur normally. Since the fluctuations are in normal rang e so it doesn’t indicates anything.As far as your symptoms are concerned, I would advise you to get your thyroid profile checked. If that too comes out to be normal then probably your symptoms are due to Anxiety.I hope it helps.