My blood test from 9/30/2015 indicates an elevated ALT of

Patient: I started training for the 5k about two months ago to reduce my weight, help control my blood sugar, and high blood pressure. My recent ALT lab results indicate 37, could this elevated number be caused by vigorous exercise?

Symptoms: Muscle aches that last two to three days but I continue my jogging regimen.

Doctor: Hi, Welcome to ATD. Thanks for the query.I observe that you have mentioned your ALT value to be 37. If that is true , it is actually within normal limits . It is not elevated. Values up to 50 units per litre are considered normal for ALT.Nevertheless, elevated ALT levels can be caused by vigorous exercise.People who exercise heavily (eg, weight lifters, marathon runners, soldiers who perform heavy-duty labor) can have abnormal transaminase levels, as can those suffering muscular trauma.Marathon runners have the potential to seriously damage their muscles through a process called rhabdomyolysis, which can raise transaminase levels significantly.We usually accept 1–2 times the upper limit of normal to be attributable to exercise. Beyond this level, there should definitely be concern of a clinically significant hepatic condition.In your condition, there is no reason to be concerned as the ALT is within normal limits.Hope this helps. Good luck.