My body is very skinny and weak.

Patient: Im an 18 years old boy, my body is very slim and weak. My weight ( now) ; it is about 48 kg but it not good comparing with my height.i feel tiredness always.iam now trying protien x powder (started using about 1 months ago) but it is not effecting my body.There is no change in my body physically till can i overcome this ? I need a healthy fit body, please help me..

Symptoms: So tired always

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Secret to a healthy body is healthy diet. Your diet should include vegetables, Meat, Milk, Eggs, Fruits and dry fruits. Just having protein shakes would not help you get a good body.I recommend a visit to a physician to get a complete blood test done. The tiredness could be due to the presence of anemia. It is essential that the underlying problem if any must be addressed first.Eating a balanced diet 3 meals a day is a must. Along with the balanced diet a routine exercise is essential. This would help you build up the stamina and the muscle mass that you need.A gym instructor would be able to provide you the best guidance in this regard.Hope this information was useful.