My boyfriend and I do not use any protection during

Patient: My boyfriend and I do not use any protection during sex. The pill doesn’t react too well with me and he doesn’t like condoms. As a result, he has developed some type of “stamina” (as he calls it) where when he climaxes, he doesn’t ejaculate. He holds in the sperm. We have sex very often and in the last six months I’ve seen him ejaculate only once. I am very worried about it as I fear it may lead to complications in the future, like prostrate cancer. I have spoken to him against it and he claims, the sperm eventually comes out when he urinates. I am very worried. Please explain the effects of this.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: HI.I have read and understood your history.It is possible that your boyfriend has developed some stamina as he sa ys, rather we can say this is the self-control he has developed with practice.If no complications have occurred in 6 months it is not likely to have any complications in future as he is releasing the semen later on.If he has no pains in the prostate area, nothing to worry about anything.Hope this helps you.