My boyfriend and i were fooling around today and he

Patient: My boyfriend and i were fooling around today and he put his penis between my but cheeks and over and around my vagina (never inside)when he came it was around 10 mins after and he was no where near my body (he came while i was giving him a hand job)should i go buy and take plan b tomorrow morning or not?i should also note the my period ended last week (started on 31st of august and lasts 7 day)

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Pregnancy occurs naturally only if there is an ejaculation of the semen into the vagi na during the fertile period of the woman. In your case this has not happened. Hence there is no chance of pregnancy. Also, the time of intercourse is not your fertility period. There is no need to worry about pregnancy and there is no need to buy any plan bHope this helpsRegards

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Patient: Thank you
What scares me is that I have read that pre cum can get you pregnant
would precum on the surface of my vagina or my butt do that
100% i don’t need to take the morning after pill?

Doctor: Hello
It is very rare that the pre ejaculate can get you pregnant.
There is no need for plan b