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My boyfriend is accusing me of lying about my sexual past.

Patient: Hello, I am 19. My boyfriend is accusing me of lying about my sexual past because he said I am loose. I only had one sexual partner before him and had sex only 2 times before I was with him and I don’t know what to tell him for him to believe me. He said Im too loose to only have had sex with only one guy before him. So what can I do?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Vaginal looseness or muscle tone varies from woman to woman and y es it is dependent on her frequency of sexual activity as well. But vaginal looseness cannot be labelled as a criteria for sexual promiscuity anyways. Some women with broad pelvis and good built may have larger vaginal opening and it may be subjectively larger for one’s partner sometimes. So you need to explain it to your partner and speak to him with confidence regarding your ingenuity.Secondly you should start doing KEGEL’s EXERCISES 6-7 times daily for each 15min to allow vaginal muscular tone to be regained. These exercises are meant to tone the perineal muscles and should be practiced religiously. Effects can be seen in next month or so. This generally involves tightening your vaginal muscles and urethral sphincter consciously multiple times and releasing it. These can be done while sitting or lying down or anywhere even while doing your daily chores.I hope i have addressed your concerns,Wishing you good health,regards



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Patient: If a girl is loose does that necessarily means that she had multiple sexual partner? Because my boyfriens believes so.

Doctor: Thats what i said- it is not necessary at all that she had multiple sexual partners, but its a common belief. Another possible reason for vaginal looseness if the woman is in practice of masturbation and has be using sex toys to pleasure herself, then vaginal looseness is a likelihood.

Patient: Thank you very much for your help

Patient: One last question. Can vagina wetness also affect a girl’s tightness?

Doctor: No it has no relation to the vaginal muscle tone.


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