My boyfriend takes a really long time

Patient: My boyfriend takes a really long time to “finish”.. I know this is common for a lot of guys but it takes a super long time, during intercourse as well as foreplay I asked about it one day, and he told me it wasn’t only with me, it took a really long time during masterbation too. He also told me that sometimes during masterbation, when he finally does ‘finish’ he gets a very sharp, doubling-over pain… I’m very worried. He’s a very healthy 16 year old boy, other than the fact that he had ITP 2 years ago…

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.People with ITP can have painful erections because of slow blood flow. This happens beca use the penis does not fill quickly with blood.This may be the case with your Boyfriend. Please get him checked up. Do get checked up as soon as possible if he has blood in urine.Hope this helps.