My boyfriend withdrew before he came

Patient: I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend ..he withdrew before he had n orgasm but he may have dropped 1 or 2 drops of seman in me ..i got scared n took plan B with in 2-3 hrs n i didn’t knew i was on my fertility time my glow showes 8 or 9% fertility really really scared ….plz give me suggestion ….

Symptoms: Feeling of being in periods

Doctor: Thank you for your query.This is to convey that even one drop of semen can be enough for a woman to conceive if she ha s ovulation in and around that phase i.e. plus or minus two days of unprotected sexual intercourse. This also depends on the count and motility of spermatozoa in the semen sample. Anyhow since you say that you have taken the emergency contraceptive pill within 2-3 hours of the unprotected sexual intercourse, the chances of having a pregnancy are almost remote. You may experience intermittent spotting in between as a result of taking this pill and your periods may be delayed or preponed. Just to rule out pregnancy you can opt for a home pregnancy test ~ 21 days after the day you have had unprotected sexual intercourse.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.