My clitoris is torn. please help!

Patient: I ripped the top of my clitoris . It didn’t hurt or bleed . Is the skin to my clitoris going to heal and connect back together? If so , how long will it take?

Doctor: Clitoral injury resulting in removal of its hood that you have described has most likely led to an inadvertent female ci rcumcision in you. I would recommend that you visit the emergency room as soon as possible and get the injury site evaluated.Immediate complications of such an injury include severe bleeding, acute urinary retention, urinary infection, wound infections, septicemia, tetanus infection etc.Short-term complications include skin diseases such as necrotizing fasciitis, delay in wound healing due to infection, endometritis etc..Late complications vary depending on the magnitude of injury you have suffered. The formation of scars or keloids can lead to strictures, obstruction or fistula formation of the urinary and genital tracts. Urinary tract sequelae include damage to urethra and bladder, with infections and incontinence. Genital tract sequelae of such an injury include vaginal and pelvic infections, painful periods, pain during sexual intercourse and even infertility.I strongly recommend medical intervention at the earliest in your case to ensure that there will no short term or long term risks to your physical, emotional or sexual health.