My cousin is having stomach issues Very badly i might

Patient: My cousin is having stomach issues. Very badly i might add. She has barely eaten in two weeks. She hasnt been able to have a bowel movment in over two weeks. She is extremly bloated. Before all this. She had diarrhea. It was coming put water and blood. No doctors will help her. Shes on alotcof meds and has been for yrs. She has major anxiety. And has a metal rod in her leg from a bad car wreck. Thr drs just tell her she constipated from her meds. She knows this is no it. Shes sick and no one will help. Sge had scar tissue cut out about 10 yrs ago. She thinks its gtown back.. And suggestions????? Someone please save my cousin before its too late!!!

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.If she did not have bowel movement in two weeks, at first, she needs an enema for the stool to pass. Then she also needs to get a colonoscopy done for a conclusive diagnosis.Hope this was helpful,Regards