My cousin’s entire body is swollen to the point where it is painful to walk

Patient: My cousin’s entire body is swollen to the point where it is too painful to walk. She has what appear to be very large hives (much larger than a golf ball in diameter) on her limbs. She has pineapple allergies and is also pregnant (unknown duration). She is unable to get to the clinic on her own, and has no one able to help her. Is there anything that can be done, or should she wait it out? It has been like this for over 48 hours. Thank you!!!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like she has developed an acute allergy to what she has eaten and seems like a n urticaria. This will cause difficulty in breathing as well and is a dangerous situation. Since she is also pregnant, she needs immediate attention. Please do not wait any longer and rush to the ER immediately. She will need a shot of hydrocortisone and chlorpheniramine maleate for immediate therapy. Another treatment will be symptomatic. In case chlorpheniramine maleate tablet or citrezene tablet is available over the counter, ask her to swallow one immediately and rush to the ER.Hope this helped.Regards