My cycle hasn’t started

Patient: I had unproteted sex on nov 14 he pulled out then I got scared because I wasnt on birth control but took a plan b three days later on nov 17th we had sex again he continued to pull out then got on birth control seven days later on the 24th been on trisprintec ever since but my period hasn’t showed up. I’ve taken three pregnancy test all were negative why hasn’t my cycle started can I be preganant




Symptoms: Heartburn, headaches, slight cramping

Doctor: Birth control pills protect from unwanted pregnancy only when take in recommended cycles, regularly, and under expert me dical supervision. Irregular use may predispose one to an unwanted pregnancy, if intercourse occurs in one’s fertile period (time around ovulation).The fertile period of a woman who is not on pills is determined by analyzing her menstrual cycle with an ovulation calculator or fertility chart. Normally, the menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle. During the 14th day after a period, the ovum is released. This process is called ovulation and the days 12 to 16 days after a period are said to be a woman’s most fertile period. Pills prevent ovulation and thus averts pregnancy.Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill. An emergency pill or ECP is a birth control pill that can prevent pregnancy after an unprotected intercourse. People sometimes call it the “morning after pill.” But you don’t have to wait until the morning after sex to take it. In fact, ECP is more effective the sooner you take it. It is a one-dose regimen: you take one pill. The pill contains 1.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel, which is used in lower doses in many birth control pills. Such emergency contraceptive pills containing Levonorgestrel are hormonal pills and thus the may cause changes in the hormonal system of the body.Use of hormonal pills for contraception alters the hormone levels in blood and may cause delayed or unscheduled bleeding. Moreover, normally one is not supposed to get her periods until the pills are discontinued. Please get a home pregnancy test to alleviate concerns on pregnancy and consult a gynecologist with the result to get advice specific to your circumstances.

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