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My cycle is of 22 days I HD sex with my boyfriend at the end of my period.

Patient: My cycle is of 22 days I HD sex with my boyfriend at end of period previous month without any precaution today it is already 27 days I didn’t get periods on 25th day I had sex with my boyfriend and took I pill I did pregnancy test which is negative blood test show prolactin high and urine test shows glucose serum is normal what should I do now?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD of an opinion,If the urine pregnancy test is negative as on today then its co nclusive as 8 days post missed periods is reliable. If done earlier then suggested to undertake a serum beta hcg test where if hcg levels are less than 5ng/dl then you are surely not pregnant. In that case as you have taken i pill as well so ideally withdrawal should start in next 7-10 days post i pill intake, so considering that you are not pregnant then you can actually wait for another week to allow withdrawal bleed to start naturally else if it doesn’t then you can opt for a withdrawal bleed with progesterones.Secondly if your prolactin levels are high then you must take dopamine agonists like Tab Cabergoline or Bromocryptine on prescription to bring the prolactin levels down as they can as well the cause of this delay. You may share the reports.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: I did pregnancy test on 5th day of my missing period shall I do it once again?

Patient: Please reply ASAP I am worried

Doctor: Yes it would be wise to take the test again to reconfirm.

Patient: I did test today morning also which came out to be negative but I am still confused because when I did test in prega news the line was a single thick line but after the urine passed through the kit to other end there were 3 faint lines in the kit but not were test result is shown. Have I done test correctly or there is some other issue

Doctor: In preganews there are only two lines, one control and the other test. If there are 2 lines then the test is positive. Anyhow in such deceptiveness, it is better to get a serum beta hcg test done to rule out conclusively.

Patient: Can one get pregnant just after periods if intercourse is done?

Doctor: No ideally the safe period lasts till day 10 if the length of the cycle is 28-30 days when ovulation had not occurred and fertilisation doesn’t occur considering that sperm may stay alive for 72 hrs in the female reproductive tract.

Patient: I started my periods today so no pregnancy? Ultrasound detected bilateral polycystic ovaries in me is there any complication in future? reply asap

Doctor: Good, as menses have started pregnancy is ruled out. With PCOS, you are liable for anovulatory cycles and oligomenorrhea and hence need to be treated for the same for regularisation of hormones.

Patient: It should be complete period or jst coz of ipill I had? As I see symptoms are of complete cycle. Where will be the best place to get treated in bangalore,india?You have been so supportive and positive I visited gynecologist too and I felt that they are likely to kill me If I missed my periods.

Doctor: This would be a complete period and its due to the withdrawal caused by ipill as well, so just be patient and let the flow complete, it may take 3-5 days to complete. I am not sure about bangalore actually. I personally trust only Command hospital Air force, Airport road, as i worked there.:)

Patient: My periods is less as compared to what I used to have in second day. Why is that is it due to bilateral polycystic ovaries in me or some other reasons

Doctor: A menses of 2-3 days even is considered normal for many but in your case yes PCOS is the cause.

Patient: So it’s not pregnancy at all? Is medication treatment for this or need to undergo surgery?

Doctor: No its not pregnancy, PCOS can be controlled medically with oc pills, weight loss and life style changes. You may visit your gynecologist for the same or you can contact me for a detailed advise.

Patient: Yup I need ur advice m height is 5’8 and weight is 54 kg am I over weight.? Which part of India u put on? So I can be free because I am having periods? I mean how to contact u

Doctor: If you wish to have continued consultation with me , then you may write to out support team at ATD and they shall provide you with details as we are not supposed to share our details personally on this platform.:) i would be happy to assist you through out.

Patient: So there is no chance of getting pregnant now? Still m worried, so no need for tests and all coz the gynecologist whom I referred suggested to go for blood test as I was not having period that time

Doctor: as this is the second day of menses , watch your flow. You are not pregnant because if you would have been then there would not have been any bleeding.

Patient: OK. Flow is not coz of ipill? I am just worried abt that so if itz a period so any case it rules out pregnancy?

Doctor: yes it does but confirmation for documentation can only be achieved with a serum beta hcg test.


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