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My dads depression and his refusal to eat

Patient: My mom and dad are going through some major marriage problems and as such my dads depression (has had for awhile and kinda been treated) has gotten significantly worse to the point that he is apparently refusing to eat, he will not tell me or my sister this but have barely seen him eat and told my mom such What can I do to help him, there have been problems for quite some time and I am now just too lost to know what to do




Doctor: I know this may be very worrisome and concerning for you. However depression is a condition which is characterised by de creased mood, interest, appetite as well as energy levels. The stressors at home and in the marriage may be making the condition worse. As such there is nothing that you can do per se. However your dad may need to go back and see his physician for a follow up on his depressive symptoms and may be would have to be put on medication if he already isnt on any.Sometimes marriage counselling and couple therapy also work well and this will need the involvement of both your parents. I hope this helps.All the best.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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