My date for period is 27 th of every month, I didn’t get my periods this month.

Patient: My date for period is 27th of every month, I got close to my boyfriend on 3rd JAN . And we are not sure that we had intercourse or not. AFTER 3 hours I took ipill. And on 7th January bleeding started for 4-5 days Continuos. But on 27th jan I didn’t get periods. I’m worried please help me with it. Am I pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is nothing to be worried about the chances of pregnancy if you have not an intercou rse after 7th of January. The pill has a common side effect of delaying or postponement of the cycle and even can increase or decrease the cycle flow.Wait for your cycles for a week, in case you do not get the cycle yet, kindly do a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancyHope this helpedRegards