My daughter has been extremely tired for weeks She had

Patient: My daughter has been extremely tired for weeks. She had cheer try out and became very sick. Cold symptoms, fever, aches, rash, and conjuctavitis. The quick,finger prick mono test done 6 days after the cold symptoms was negative.She is scheduled for hip replacement in 7 days. Do you think we should proceed?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Hip replacement is a major surgery, wherein a foreign material of prosthesis is to be inserted.It is very important that the patient should not be suffering from any sort of infection at the time of actual surgery.It looks that it will be difficult to recover from the present problems of fever, cold, rash, conjunctivitis and most important, the fitness. Patient has to be really fit for anesthesia and a major surgery.I do not think that you should proceed. She needs full recovery on all fronts.Hope this helps you.

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Patient: You confirmed my feelings. Thank you.

Doctor: You are most welcome.
Please take care of your daughter.
Wishing her early and complete recovery.