My daughter is 5. 99% in height and 85%in weight

Patient: My daughter is 5..99% in height and 85%in weight..she never even had an ear infection but was recently diagnosed with pneumonia..we followed doctors orders antibiotics etc..she seemed fine for a few days..this morning she woke up with a dry painful cough and runny nose developed mild fever during the day was tired and later vomited one but has eaten since and seems to be able to keep it in and a couple of hours ago I’ve noticed she also has a rapid heartbeat and heavy fast breathing.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I believe that the pneumonia has still not recovered yet. There is a classification of p neumonia based on the severity of the symptoms. Based on this, I feel that your child has Moderate to Severe type of pneumonia.She may need intravenous antibiotics to help you to reach cure. I hope this helps you.All the best.