My doctor prescribed me Minastrin 24 Fe, but the reviews are horrible.

Patient: My doctor prescribed me Minastrin 24 Fe. I never took BC before, I’m 30. I checked out the reviews for Minastrin 24 Fe and most of them are horrible. I noticed though, that most of unhappy women were switching from loestrin 24 fe. Since I never took BC before, I assumed it might work for me, but wanted to double check. Shall I still give Minastrin a chance or it is really that bad?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Minastrin 24 Fe is actually a bioequivalent oral contraceptive to Loestrine 24 Fe. They bot h contain the same active ingredients: norethindrone acetate, ethinyl estradiol, and ferrous fumarate. There are side effects associated with every type of contraceptive medication, however your response to Minastrin 24 Fe may not be the same as the reviews you read. Having said that, you the patient, has complete authority of what type of birth control you choose to take. We physicians will provide you with an option that best suits your needs, and make sure it will be effective given your current medical history and risk factors. If you are not comfortable taking this birth control medication you are free to ask for an alternative. If your doctor does not want to assist you in this, please seek the help of another doctor who will be more accommodating to your concerns.Thank you for choosing